Top 22 Craft Houston Breweries

Entrance to the Restaurant and Beer Garden at Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Breweries In Houston 

Since 2013, the number of Houston breweries has exploded and it means that thirsty beer enthusiasts don’t have to stray far to spot a brew-pub near their corner of town. Here, you’ll find some of the oldest craft breweries in Texas as well as some fresh-faced brewers aiming to cement their place among the growing list of top-notch Houston breweries.

In addition to the most beloved and best breweries in Houston, we’ve also rounded up all notable destination breweries in the communities and cities surrounding Houston, including Conroe, Katy, Pearland, Webster, and Galveston.

For a deep dive into each brewery—including recommended and signature beers, visiting tips, photos, operating hours, address and directions, and more—simply click the links for our in-depth, detailed descriptions of each of these notable Houston breweries.

Beneath each neighborhood and community header below, breweries are listed in alphabetical order.

Downtown, EaDo & East End

8th Wonder Brewery

Beer garden at 8th Wonder Brewery | 365 Houston

If Discovery Green is Houston’s front lawn, then 8th Wonder Brewery serves as its de facto backyard, filled with repurposed shipping containers, zig-zagging strings of lights, and an eclectic mix of H-Town representation. It’s also home to artist David Adickes’ 36-foot tall Beatles sculptures and is neighbored by his iconic We Love Houston sign.

The Houston proud brewery takes its name from the moniker often ascribed to the Astrodome, and features a popular bevy of Houston-centric beers, including Dome Faux’m, Weisstheimer, and more. Because of its prime location, just east of Downtown, 8th Wonder has also become an established pre-game stop before any number of Rockets, Astros, Dynamo, and Dash games.

One of the proudest Houston breweries, 8th Wonder is a must-visit for those in search of delicious beers and welcoming faces that represent the city.

Beer Recommendations & More About 8th Wonder | Official Site

Saint Arnold Brewing Company 

Saint Arnold Brewing Company | Photo: Justin Jerkins

The oldest craft brewery in Texas and a pioneer of Houston breweries, Saint Arnold was founded by Brock Wagner in 1994. Never one to rest on its laurels, Houston’s signature brewery recently debuted a massive expansion and renovation that invites fans of their national award-winning brews to lounge in a vast beer garden, festooned with strings of lights spanning out from the partially covered outdoor hall and extending out towards lawn games of all types.

The garden offers sweeping views of Downtown, and the indoor, cathedral-like beer hall pays homage to the patron saint of beer with original, custom frescoes painted by Houston muralist Gonzo247. You’ll also find beloved Houston art cars on display in the covered garage.

For the uninitiated, Saint Arnold is a Houston legend and a brewery that shouldn’t be missed. Its new expansion brings a completely new and unique offering to Houston.

Beer Recommendations & More About Saint Arnold Brewing Company | Official Site

Sigma Brewing Company

Sigma Brewing Company | Photo: Justin Jerkins

More bar than brewery (you’ll find no token exchanges here), Sigma Brewing Company offers inspired beers that aren’t always easy to find in the burgeoning scene of Houston breweries – and for incredibly friendly prices.

The inventive styles and aggressive use of hops on display makes for a clear signal that Sigma’s passion for craft brewing runs deep.

Beer Recommendations & More About Sigma Brewing Company | Official Site

True Anomaly Brewing Co.

True Anomaly Brewing Co. | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Nestled in a burgeoning entertainment district among thriving restaurants and bars, True Anomaly Brewing Company aims to bring uncommon styles to the masses, helping them explore their palate along the way.

Offering audacious brews like Grisettes, sours, wilds and any other experimental batch that might make the menu, True Anomaly also offers brewery mainstays like Northeast IPAs and semi-common Belgian styles, with detailed infographics to ensure that each brewery-goer can find the right beer for their tastebuds.

Beer Recommendations & More About True Anomaly Brewing | Official Site

The Heights & Spring Branch

Brash Brewing Company

Taproom at Brash Brewing Company in Garden Oaks | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Brash Brewing isn’t trying to impress you, but it’s hard not to walk away rewarded by the aggressively hopped IPAs and some of the best stouts this city has to offer.

Their warehouse location emanates heavy metal music and their huge assortment of arcade games makes it a friendly spot for kids and adults alike.

Beer Recommendations & More About Brash Brewing | Official Site

Eureka Heights Brew Co.

Photo courtesy of Eureka Heights Brew Company

Transformed from a vast food distribution warehouse, Eureka Heights Brew Co. offers spacious, industrial digs that invite guests to come sample their session-friendly beers and hang out amongst friends.

Beer Recommendations & More About Eureka Heights Brew Co. | Official Site

Great Heights Brewing Company

Taproom This Way Mural at Great Heights Brewing Co. | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Nestled in a Great Heights neighborhood, this Houston brewery and bar is a down-home casual atmosphere, filled with tables and plenty of games to keep the laughs (and beer) going. Outside, Great Heights Brewing Company‘s small patio and instantly ‘grammable mural makes for a popular photo opportunity.

Beer Recommendations & More About Great Heights Brewing | Official Site

Karbach Brewing Company

Covered seating and the concert stage at Karbach Brewing | Photo: Justin Jerkins

In a few short years, Karbach has become one of the biggest names among Houston breweries and is well equipped to provide a polished experience to beer enthusiasts.

Whether you drop by for the live music, the restaurant menu, or the hoppy goodness on tap, you’re in for a robust brewery experience at Karbach Brewing that is seldom found elsewhere around town.

Beer Recommendations & More About Karbach Brewing | Official Site

Washington Avenue Corridor

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company in Washington Heights

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Possibly the most eccentric of Houston breweries, Buffalo Bayou features small-batch beer that might feature pineapples or watermelon one month, and hemp in another.

Though you’ll still be able to find a craft mainstay like IPAs or a witbier, you’re just as likely to find beers that are at times aggressive, unexpected, risky, and daring.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing is currently preparing to up its game. With its new three-story, 28,000 square foot modern Brewtopia currently under construction at Sawyer Yards, Buff Brew will soon compete as one of H-Town’s most prominent destination breweries.

Beer Recommendations & More About Buffalo Bayou Brewing | Official Site

Holler Brewing Company at Sawyer Yards

Holler Brewing Co. | Photo courtesy of Holler Brewing Co.

At Holler Brewing Company, you can pair food truck fare with your choice of about ten beers on tap including seasonal brews, special batches, and year-round mainstays.

Seating sprawls out from the cozy taproom onto an outdoor patio offering one of the best downtown Houston views from any brewery.

Beer Recommendations & More About Holler Brewing | Official Site

Platypus Brewing

Patio at Platypus Brewery | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Platypus offers beers crafted with rare Australian hops in styles that shine in Houston’s sweltering urban heat – just as they do in the Outback.

Platypus also provides one of the most interesting menus among Houston breweries, including Australian specialties like sausage rolls and meat pies.

Beer Recommendations & More About Platypus Brewing | Official Site

West University

Baileson Brewing Company

Baileson Brewing Co. | Photo: Justin Jerkins

On Fridays and weekends in West U., you’ll find the garage doors rolling up at Baileson Brewing Company, inviting the neighborhood in for a pint of beer.

Step up to the bar and you’ll have around six beers to choose from, some of which may rotate out quickly thanks to the agility provided by their small-batch brewing process.

Beer Recommendations & More About Baileson Brewing | Official Site


Under the Radar Brewing

Photo courtesy of Under the Radar Brewing

The small but mighty brewery offers more than a great hangout environment, with crisp, refreshing, and traditional brews that make Under the Radar Brewing an underground favorite amid Houston breweries.

Beer Recommendations & More About Under the Radar Brewing | Official Site

North Houston

11 Below Brewing Company

The taproom at 11 Below Brewing | Photo: Justin Jerkins

In Willowbrook, not far from the north end of the Beltway, 11 Below Brewing is nestled among distribution warehouses, welcoming all with a pint and a seat at its beer garden tables.

You’ll find your tap options ranging from four year-round beers to several special and seasonal brews available temporarily.

Beer Recommendations & More About 11 Below Brewing | Official Site

City Acre Brewing

The Gardens at City Acre Brewing | Photo: Justin Jerkins

A place unlike other Houston breweries, City Acre Brewing‘s tranquil, expansive yard is dotted by over 60 planters that grows the ingredients for their food menu—and occasionally the beers, as well.

From tables to taps and benches, most of what you see at this self-sufficient brewery is hand-crafted by the same minds behind the brews.

Beer Recommendations & More About City Acre Brewing | Official Site

Spindletap Brewery

Photo courtesy of SpindleTap Brewery

At Spindletap Brewery, you’ll find folks lining the bar to catch weekend football action, locals looking to have an “ahhhh” moment with a beer and burger, and maybe even a kid’s birthday party in the corner.

It’s a welcoming place for all and you’ll find plenty on tap from the silky smooth Boomtown Blonde to the easy finish of the Honey Hole ESB.

Beer Recommendations & More About Spindletap Brewing | Official Site

Greater Houston Breweries

Delicious craft brews and welcoming breweries where you can while away a weekend day aren’t limited to Houston city’s limits. You’ll find plenty of notable stops well outside the Loop in some of Greater Houston’s most bustling communities.


B-52 Brewing Company

houston breweries B-52 Brewing
B-52 Brewing’s beer garden under towering 100-foot trees. | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Nestled among seven acres of trees that stretch 100 feet into the air, B-52 Brewing has created a unique setting that is a highlight on the growing list of local, regional breweries.

Just as distinct as their environment, B-52’s extensive menu of one-of-a-kind beers alongside respectable true-to-style brews offer visitors a remarkably wide range of delicious beers to enjoy.

Beer Recommendations & More About B-52 Brewing | Official Site

Southern Star Brewing Company

The taproom at Southern Star Brewing Company | Photo courtesy of Southern Star Brewing Company

The second oldest craft brewery in greater Houston, Southern Star Brewing Company has been brewing since 2008 and, since their new taproom opened in 2016, they’ve become a destination brewery in the region.

Tucked away not far from I-45 in Conroe, Southern Star offers traditional brew styles that are well-balanced and thirst-quenching especially during the hotter months of the year.

Beer Recommendations & More About Southern Star Brewing | Official Site


No Label Brewing Company

Kid-friendly playground among old rice silos at No Label Brewing Company | Photo: Justin Jerkins

At any given time, No Label Brewing will post upwards of twelve beers on tap, including special releases and seasonal varieties that range from brewery staples to pale ales with a touch of smoked hatch chilies.

With various outdoor seating areas, a children’s playground, and interesting, unused structures, this is a brewery with a unique atmosphere that’s perfect for kids (and their parents).

Beer Recommendations & More About No Label Brewing | Official Site


Bakfish Brewing Co.

The taproom Bakfish Brewing | Photo courtesy of Bakfish Brewing.

Bakfish provides a full spectrum of ales and lagers starting with their five flagship beers and a full menu of seasonal rotations. With several rows of picnic-style seating in and outside, you’re sure to find a spot at this burgeoning microbrewery south of Houston.

Beer Recommendations & More About Bakfish Brewing | Official Site


Saloon Door Brewing

Saloon Door Flight | Photo: Justin Jerkins

Saloon Door Brewing pours pleasing pints that you’ve come to expect from across the brewery spectrum, but they excel when exhibiting their creativity in pints like their Peanut Butter & Chocolate Milk Stout, Catty Corner Cream Ale, and Strawberry Milk Stout.

Beer Recommendations & More About Saloon Door Brewing | Official Site


Galveston Island Brewing

houston breweries Galveston Island Brewing
Galveston Island Brewing | Photo: Justin Jerkins

If you find yourself along the sandbar and in need of a pint, Galveston Island Brewing is a must-see when on the coast. The down island brewery offers award-winning ales and spacious digs that invite connoisseurs, families, and pets alike.

Beer Recommendations & More About Galveston Island Brewing | Official Site

Houston Craft Breweries Across Greater Houston

Although it wouldn’t make sense to visit all of the breweries around the Houston metro area on a single day, a multi-day or multi-week brewery crawl is a great way to explore Houston and many of its communities that are well outside of the Loop.

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