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Do you have an upcoming event, class, or something that you feel should not be missed?

You can share your event with us by emailing it (including a link to your official event page and relevant details) to [email protected].

Our team works hard to curate events and ensure that a wide variety of options, with something for most ages and interests, are added to our Calendar. These basic listings added by our editors include a sentence or two and no images. Without visuals, they’re often overshadowed by Boosted Calendar Listings.

Note that we do receive hundreds of event requests every week—sometimes in a single day—so we cannot promise that submitted events will be added. We do aspire to add all requests, and with greater advertising support we will be able to increase our Calendar staffing to better serve Houston.

You can guarantee your event is added within one business day by ordering a Boosted Calendar Listing, which starts at budget-friendly $50.

Your Boosted Calendar Listing on 365 Houston

Boosted Calendar Listings consistently draw more attention, gain higher engagement, and attract engagement from our audience. They feature your graphics, photo, or image. That’s how they catch the attention of your target audience.

A single Boosted Calendar Listing is $50, and discounts are available if you’d like to order in bulk. Optional and affordable email and social media promotion add-ons are available. Email us at [email protected] to learn about bulk listing and Calendar Membership options.

Benefits of a Boosted Calendar Listing

  • Your event stands out with your event graphic, flier, logo, or image.
  • Expanded details about your event attract your target audience.
  • An additional photo, image, or YouTube video within your listing helps give your event the advantage.
  • Your event is automatically added to relevant Weekend Guide(s), our most popular and heavily visited feature, for events that fall on days from Thursday through Sunday.

Additional and price-friendly options include sharing your event in our daily and weekend emails, in our dramatically growing Instagram feed, and in our long-established Facebook feed.

Click here to order Boosted Calendar Listings. Once ordered, please be sure to send your event details and image to [email protected].

Boosted Calendar Listings are included at no extra cost in all other advertising campaigns. Email us at [email protected] and ask about our Sponsored Spotlight Stories, Display Advertising and Email options. Advertisers get more exposure and see strong results. Learn more.

Why We Charge for Boosted Calendar Listings

We truly wish we had the resources to fulfill every request for a complimentary listing that we receive. We get hundreds of emails a week, and sometimes in a single day, asking us to please also add a single event.

We’re here to serve Houston. But our operational costs is real, and if we didn’t pay them we would quickly be out of business.

Our staff and contributors are Houstonians, who have developed local expertise over their careers and deserve compensation. We also have server, email, and other recurring software costs.

Like all small, local businesses, we depend on sales and revenue to carry on. We believe in “Better Capitalism” as encapsulated by Business Insider‘s Henry Blodgett. As a business, we’re here to serve our readers and community, our advertisers and clients, our team members, and our shareholders.

We appreciate your grace and understanding.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions or to receive a media kit for expanded promotional opportunities.


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