Calendar Memberships

Do you host or organize frequent or recurring events throughout your year or season?

Our 365 Calendar Memberships may be the right solution to ensure your most important events or shows—or even all of them—are added and displayed prominently in our Calendar and included in the relevant Weekend Guides.

365 Calendar Member Benefits

Built around our popular and effective Boosted Calendar Listings, our 365 Calendar Membership program helps our advertisers lock in exposure and save in the process. Click here for more

365 Calendar Members receive the following benefits over a 6- or 12-month period.

  • Combined savings with bulk Boosted Calendar Listings / Mobile App Listings (normally $50 per listing. Click here to learn about the boosted benefits).
  • Expanded Organizer, Venue/Business Page (Click here for an example Venue/Business Page)
  • Your recurring weekly/monthly events (with no change in description) count as a single listing for the duration of the series or your membership period.
  • Discounts on any additional listings ordered during the membership period
  • Discounts & preferred pricing on any additional advertising ordered during the membership period

Don’t see an option that fits your number of events, clients, or budget? Please contact us directly at [email protected] and we can help you find the right option to fit your needs and goals.

Learn More

If you have questions, would like to request a media kit, or want to learn more about our highly effective local event advertising campaigns, please email [email protected].

Although it rarely happens, we reserve the right to decline any listings that are deemed inappropriate for our brand, website, or platform. In the unlikely event this occurs and you’ve already placed your order, a full refund will be issued at the time the event or membership is declined..