Discover the tongue-in-cheek, citrus graffiti of Fineapple near the Saint Arnold brewery.

Located in the heart of the Fifth Ward on Opelousas Street just North West of Maury Street, the cute mural features a cartoon boy in star shades offering a pineapple to a small girl in heart-shaped sunglasses.

Just to the right of the vibrantly-colored boy, a cartoon bubble text states, “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.”

Fineapple is the creation of Royal Sumikat (@royalshines), a Houston-based, Philippines-born artist who’s often commissioned for murals work. This particular piece was created for the 2016 HUE Mural Fest.

Visitors can find this juicy mural located at 1213 Maury Street, just one block down from St. Arnold’s Brewery. Budding photogs should note that this area is in the midst of construction and redevelopment and may not always be accessible. Use general good judgment when visiting and when considering what hours to visit.

Fineapple in the 5th Ward

  • Location: 1213 Maury St, Houston, TX 77020
  • Best Time to Photograph: Arguably, the best time to photograph the mural is in the early morning around sunup.
  • Parking: Free street parking is available in the surrounding area. The building is adjacent to a construction zone, so use general good judgment when visiting and when considering what hours to visit.
Photo: 365 Houston
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Cody Swann
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