Boosted Calendar Listings

Compared to our basic listings, which are selected and added by our events editors, Boosted Calendar Listings guarantee your event is added within one business day.

Because they feature your branding and added details, the consistently attract more attention and gain higher engagement and interest from our readers.

Boosted Calendar Listings

Boosted Calendar Listings start at $50 and give promoters and organizers a leg up against competing events in our Calendar. They catch more attention and are opened at a higher rate than the simpler, unpaid Basic Calendar Listings that are chosen by our staff.

All Boosted Calendar Listings also include a Mobile App Listing, which appears on the calendar in our exclusive 365 Houston mobile app on iPhone and Android phones.

Click here to see Boosted Calendar Listings for upcoming events. They are also automatically included with all other event advertising orders at no extra cost. To request a media kit, or to ask about larger or customized campaigns, please email [email protected].

Benefits of Boosted Calendar Listings

  • Stand out from competing events and attractions
  • Showcase your event flier, logo, or image.
  • Provide more detailed event description to increase readers’ interest in attendance.
  • Feature an additional photo, image, or embedded YouTube video below the admission or registration details.
  • Fast-track your event and ensures it’s added to our calendar within one business day (usually same day).
  • Add your event to any relevant Weekend Guides and Nightlife Guides.
  • Tap into optional social and content promotional opportunities.

Click here to place your order for a Boosted Calendar ListingOnce ordered, please send your event details and images to [email protected].

Additional Calendar Based Promotions

Additional options include sharing your event in our Daily Update emails and on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Click here to order Boosted Calendar Listings.

Learn More

If you have questions, would like to request a media kit, or want to learn more about our highly effective local event advertising campaigns, please email [email protected].

Although it rarely happens, we reserve the right to decline any listings that are deemed inappropriate for our brand, website, or platform. In this event, a refund of the order will be issued on the same day.