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Reach new customers and fill your event in Greater Houston with our local Houston advertising.

  • Our native and social media advertisingdisplay advertising and email advertising reach people who get out and do things in and around Greater Houston, Texas.
  • Our audience is active, upscale and educated. They're the social planners in their friend groups, families, and workplaces. Contact us for our media kit—including reach, demographic, and psychographic data.
  • The only reason our readers visit our website or follow our social media is to plan their own free time—and local entertainment budget. We do not provide any other news, gossip, snarky commentary, or any other topics that don't serve their Houstonians' social interests. Our readers sign up, buy tickets, show up, and tell their friends.
  • We have a unique reach. 65% of our 165,000+ Facebook followers do not follow the Houston Chronicle/Chron.com, Visit Houston, Houston Press, CultureMap, and Houstonia magazine combined.
  • We have advertising options for all budgets, from Food Truck ($50) to Fortune 500 ($60,000 and up). We're here to make sure your budget goes further and makes an impact.

Tiered Advertising Products & Campaigns

We're pleased to offer robust and effective advertising options suitable for almost all budget sizes.

For the very smallest of budgets, our streamlined and effective Calendar-based ad products, outlined below, can be ordered automatically online.

For assistance with our much more expansive campaign and advertising services, please email us at ads@365ThingsinHouston.com.

Calendar-Based Promotions: $50 to $800

Restaurant & Bar Campaigns: $300 & Up

We've recently introduced a new streamlined campaign specifically designed for local restaurants, bars, and hospitality companies to promote events at openings without breaking the bank. Email us at ads@365ThingsinHouston.com for more information and let us know you're interested in promoting an event, offer, or service at your restaurant, bar, or hotel.

If these prove popular, we'll explore taking the same approach for other local categories as well.

Cross Platform Campaigns: $1,000 to $60,000+

Larger campaigns can range from $1,000 to $60,000 and beyond, varying based on your advertising goals, budget constraints, and preferences.

We have multiple proven sample campaigns and we're also happy to collaborate with you to make sure you maximize your spend and impact. We're happy to send a media kit on request, but we can also make specific recommendations if we know what you're looking to advertise, your timeframe, and budget.

For a media kit or more information, email us at ads@365ThingsinHouston.com.



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