Catch Miller Outdoor’s Centennial Finale with Bella Gaia & the Earth Harp Collective

A person plucks the strings of a massive harp that stretches beyond the photograph
Catch the Centennial Season Finale with Bella Gaia's epic spectacle concert | Courtesy of Miller Outdoor Theatre

Celebrate Miller’s centennial finale at a Steampunk Spectacular, followed by Bella Gaia with William Close & the Earth Harp Collective at Miller Outdoor Theatre on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

Capping off a summer of sizzling entertainment, Miller Outdoor brings their centennial season to a close with a steampunk-inspired pre-show celebration, followed by an epic visual and musical spectacle from William Close and the Earth Harp Collective, joined by Bella Gaia.

These two popular, long-running stage performances will join forces for a one-of-a-kind collaboration that seeks to wow audiences of all ages, while deepening our sense of unity, connection and appreciation for our world.

The dynamic performance will feature two massive earth harps on either side of the stage, providing a sweeping soundscape punctuated by live musicians and an opera singer.

Between these impressive percussion rigs, the visual story of Bella Gaia will send visitors on a journey through the people, stories and events of our planet—including an emphasis on Houston’s treasures, such as imagery from NASA and the pioneering humans that embark on cosmic exploration.

Learn more about Miller’s Centennial Finale with Bella Gaia and the Earth Harp Collective.

Promotional image for a Steampunk Spectacular
Courtesy Miller Outdoor Theatre

Join Miller for its Centennial Season Finale

Miller Outdoor’s extraordinary 100th Anniversary Season comes to a close with this final night of entertainment.

Following a summer where every member of the family was delighted with stunning performances, free of charge, Miller Outdoor will host its last pre-show celebration in honor of the special birthday.

Looking to the art of the future, Miller will be joined by dancers, jugglers, roaming performers and live music, beginning at 5:30pm, two hours before the season finale performance. Guests can also snap a photo against a steampunk-style backdrop with dress up accessories.

Missed one of Miller’s big shows in 2023? Check out Miller Outdoor Theatre’s website, where you can also find livestreamed evening performances, available for free.

Centennial Season Finale: Bella Gaia & Earth Harp Collective at Miller Outdoor Theatre

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