Find out if you qualify for medicinal cannabis with Texas Original

Try a variety of tinctures and gummies with prescriptions at Texas Original | Courtesy of Texas Original

Find relief for more than 150 conditions with medicinal cannabis prescriptions from the Texas Original pickup location on Houston Avenue near the Heights.

In recent years, the medicinal cannabis community in Texas has seen rapid growth thanks to the state’s Compassionate Use Program, which offers medicinal access to patients with one or more of over 150 qualifying conditions.

At the forefront of that growth has been Texas Original, the first medicinal dispensary in the state since 2018, and the only licensed cannabis dispensary that is owned and operated in Texas.

Today, Texas Original has expanded to include multiple pickup locations across the state—including a recent opening on Houston Avenue in First Ward near the Heights, which serves as the city’s first medicinal cannabis permanent pickup location.

For qualifying patients with prescriptions, Texas Original offers tinctures and gummies, each developed for specific purposes like treating sleep-related issues, chronic pain, movement disorders, PTSD and many other symptoms. From seed to solution, all of these products are grown, processed and tested in-house at Texas Original’s state-of-the-art facility.

Scroll below to learn how to qualify for prescriptions, or learn more about Texas Original.

A storefront for Texas Original on a sunny day
The Texas Original storefront for prescription pickups in the Heights | Courtesy of Texas Original

How to Get Medical Marijuana in Texas

If you’re interested in accessing medicinal cannabis, Texas Original offers a three-step process to get a prescription:

  1. Find out if you qualify – The first step is talking with a doctor registered in the Compassionate Use Program. Several are available for virtual appointments for Texans statewide. You can set up an appointment by visiting Texas Original’s website and filling out a form.
    • Those that belong to eligible groups (veterans, first responders, teachers and medical professionals) can receive a free first appointment for a six-month prescription and discounts on follow-up appointments.
  2. Talk to a doctor – During your appointment, the doctor will review your medical records and confirm your eligibility for medicinal cannabis. Once approved, your doctor will add your prescription to the online medical cannabis registry, where licensed dispensaries can access it.
  3. Get your prescription – After the appointment, call Texas Original at 512-614-0343 to place your first order. A helpful representative of the dispensary team will help you select products and schedule your pickup or delivery.

Start your eligibility process or learn more about Texas Original medical cannabis.

Texas Original Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Houston Heights

Employees smile while standing within a room of cannabis plants
From seed to solution, product development is done at Texas Original’s in-house facility | Courtesy of Texas Original

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