Dare to dazzle with lab grown diamonds from Clean Origin Showrooms in Houston

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Find and customize lab grown diamonds for rings, earrings, bracelets and more at Clean Origin | Courtesy of Clean Origin

Discover ethically made, eco-friendly, lab grown diamonds for engagement rings, gifts and fashion jewelry at Clean Origin showrooms at the Woodlands Mall and Baybrook Mall in Friendswood.

Whether you’re gearing up for proposal season, looking for a meaningful gift to celebrate a life milestone, or just trying to find the perfect accent that fits your lifestyle, diamond jewelry is a time-honored go-to for all these moments and much more.

But the diamond mining industry that supplies much of these shimmering adornments is fraught with concerns that cut across ethical, environmental and financial responsibilities.

In recent years, companies like Clean Origin have seen a surge in popularity by providing an alternative diamond to the market, grown in laboratory conditions that simulate earth’s natural processes to produce a sparkling jewel that is chemically identical to ones that are mined utilizing unethical methods.

For those who seek ethically-produced jewels, Clean Origin has also recently opened two Houston-area showrooms (at the Woodlands Mall and Baybrook Mall in Friendswood) that serve customers looking for reassurance as they shop for gifts, accessories, and the perfect statement piece for purposeful gestures—often at much more affordable prices than traditionally-mined diamonds.

Learn more about Clean Origin’s diamonds and Houston-area showrooms.

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Shop rings, necklaces, bracelets and more set with lab grown diamonds at Clean Origin | Courtesy of Clean Origin

Ethical Diamond Jewelry

When shopping for diamond jewelry, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: where a diamond comes from matters.

Unethical mining processes around the globe can unearth diamonds and send them to market, while also reaping environmental destruction on the areas that they excavate, displacing whole communities of people that include Indigenous populations, and engaging in exploitative labor practices that can jeopardize the lives of those responsible for doing the physical work of mining.

This is where Clean Origin sets itself apart from unethical methods of diamond sourcing.

Clean Origin sells exclusively diamonds that are created in laboratory conditions, helping customers know that the brilliant precious stones in their jewelry have been 100% ethically sourced, independent of the problematic mining industries.

The diamonds that Clean Origin creates are held to a strict standard of ethics and quality, producing glittering gems that are, to the naked eye and professionals alike, just as flawless as traditionally-mined diamonds. In fact, they are chemically identical—the only difference is its origin.

Learn more about Clean Origin’s commitment to ethical jewelry.

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Browse eco-friendly Clean Origin diamonds with peace of mind | Courtesy of Clean Origin

Environmentally Responsible

Forged with the environment in mind, lab-created diamonds like the ones at Clean Origin are produced using technology that replicates earth’s natural processes, allowing for a diamond supply chain that avoids much of the wasteful and destructive processes used to source other diamonds.

Even when the mining industry is able to account for ethical risks, popular diamond mining techniques can still wreak havoc on ecological systems and biodiversity on our planet.

Marine mining and processes that capture diamonds in river beds can disrupt fragile ecosystems of aquatic life, have dangerous effects on water quality, and use excessive amounts of water for each carat mined. One of the oldest techniques, open pit mining, means digging miles beneath the earth’s surface, displacing about 1,700 tons of earth for a one-carat rough diamond while also depleting precious farmland.

For those reasons alone, lab grown diamonds like those at Clean Origin offer peace of mind to consumers seeking beautiful, certified, eco-friendly gems and keepsakes.

Explore the many ways you can customize Clean Origin diamonds.

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Customize your lab grown diamonds to create beautiful jewelry at Clean Origin | Courtesy of Clean Origin

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Applying technology that mimics heat and pressure created by the Earth’s crust, Clean Origin is able to naturally form diamonds while avoiding a bloody history that has fed the diamond mining industry.

By removing so many elements of the mining process, Clean Origin is also able to simplify the supply chain, offering their diamonds and jewelry at considerably lower price points than traditionally-mined diamonds.

However, not all lab grown diamonds are perfect. By implementing the same natural processes that create earth-mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds still have variations in their quality and so they, too, are measured according to the 4 C’s of diamonds:

  • Cut – The ways in which a diamond reflects light. This is different from shape, which refers to the physical shape of the diamond (for example, oval or round).
  • Color – The hue or tint of a diamond.
  • Clarity – The measure of internal or external imperfections.
  • Carat – The weight of the diamond.

Taken together, Clean Origin diamonds are not only produced utilizing natural processes, they are completely identical to mined diamonds and held to the same quality standards that the industry applies to all diamonds.

This offers consumers one of the only ways to ensure that the diamonds they shop are 100% ethical, environmentally safe, and meet the same standards applied to other diamonds, many of which can cost multiple times more than those on offer at Clean Origin showrooms.

Explore Clean Origin’s collection of lab grown diamonds.

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Speak with qualified diamond consultants at Clean Origin showrooms near Houston | Courtesy of Clean Origin

Clean Origin Showrooms Around Houston

Thanks to the surge in popularity around lab grown diamonds, Clean Origin is working to expand their locations, currently offering showroom opportunities in Houston, Dallas and Columbus, Ohio, with planned expansions in the months ahead to Chicago, Southern California and Northern Virginia.

At its showrooms in the Woodlands Mall and Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, you’ll work with qualified jewelry consultants to browse a full collection of ethical jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, tennis bracelets and fashion jewelry.

No matter which occasion brings you to a Clean Origin showroom, the treasures they have on display will meet the moment for life’s biggest milestones, from engagements and anniversaries to graduations and much more.

Find Clean Origin locations and schedule in-store appointments.

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Find the perfect diamond jewelry for your lifestyle and tastes at Clean Origin showrooms | Courtesy of Clean Origin

Benefits of Shopping with Clean Origin

Founded by third-generation diamond jeweler Alexander Weindling, Clean Origin combines more than 200 years of diamond expertise with modern and ethical practices, offering striking, exceptional jewelry set with radiant diamonds for many lifestyles and tastes.

Clean Origin diamonds are GIA-certified to ensure they are of the highest quality, and customers are welcome to take advantage of a 100-day return policy and free resizing for engagement rings. All orders also include complimentary expedited shipping to ensure swift and safe delivery for any prominent moment.

Plus, you can envision you or your partner’s dream engagement ring when you utilize Clean Origin’s online ring builder to customize diamonds and settings, crafting a piece that speaks to you.

Clean Origin consultants are also available with virtual and in-person appointments to help talk you through the process and answer any questions that you might have about Clean Origin diamonds.

Book a virtual appointment with Clean Origin today.

Clean Origin Showroom Locations

The Woodlands Mall
1201 Lake Woodlands Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Baybrook Mall
500 Baybrook Mall
Friendswood, TX 77546

Hours at both locations are Monday to Thursday 11am to 8pm; Friday and Saturday 11am to 9pm; Sunday noon to 6pm.

Create, customize and learn more about lab grown diamonds from Clean Origin.

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Try ethical, eco-friendly, lab grown diamonds at Clean Origin showrooms in Houston | Courtesy of Clean Origin

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