Where to Find Affordable Local Art

Archway Gallery hosts free monthly opening receptions to debut and celebrate the latest exhibitions. | Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

In a special 8-part, bi-weekly series—created in partnership with member artists of Archway Gallery in Montrose—we’re pleased to feature a selection of artists’ tips, recommendations, and perspectives on connecting with art, how to begin your own collection, and more. In the series‘ fourth entry, Houston painter and sculptor Tracey Meyer offers tips on where to find local art at events and locations around H-Town.

Houston has long been known as a great art city—literally and figuratively. Not only are there the big-name art galleries on Colquitt and Montrose, but there are lots of other places to find truly spectacular and au courant art. And of course, Archway Gallery is at the top of that list in my opinion.

Tracey Meyer creates an original work of art. | Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

Archway Gallery in Montrose

If you haven’t heard of Archway Gallery, it is the longest-running artist-owned and operated gallery in Texas. It is special because it showcases 34 varied artists who work in all sorts of media. These gallery artists come from all over the world—Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, France, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Scotland, as well as the USA. Additionally, many of these artists have lived and worked all over the world.

What gives Archway an advantage in terms of affordability to the buyer is that overheads are low in comparison to the big-name galleries, allowing the artists to pass that advantage on to you! It also means you are buying directly from the artist. The other thing to note is that each month there is an opening reception for the current featured exhibition usually taking place on the first Saturday of the month; newly installed paintings and sculptures each month means that there’s constantly something new to see.

What Shapes Us by Tracey Meyer | Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

Art Markets, Shows & More Events Around Houston

In addition to art galleries, Houston provides lots of events for art lovers to buy local art. For example, there are great outdoor festivals like the twice-a-year Bayou City Art Festival which showcases a wide variety of artists displaying their work. Also, once a month or so, there are various studio complexes all over the greater-Houston area which host Open Studio events; artists open their doors and welcome the public into their individual studios.

These events are great because you not only meet the artists, but you learn about their art and what inspires their creativity. You can buy directly from the artist, which is special. There’s nothing like forming a bond with the artist whose work adorns your walls!

White Linen Night in the Heights is another art event which is fun; this street festival takes place in August each year. At this event everyone wears white and comes to see all sorts of things including artists showing their work, live music, and street performers.

In addition to the art festivals and special events, there are various exhibitions sponsored by local Houston art associations such as Visual Arts Alliance, which hold juried shows once or twice a year. The art in these exhibitions is high quality and usually for sale. Sometimes you may even see artwork displayed in cafes and bars; these works of art are also reasonably priced. 

One more place to find affordable art is the Glassell School of Art’s student show which takes place in December. Student participation is approved by professors to ensure quality and the variety of work is astounding. The variety of work is astounding—something for everybody’s taste.

Bayou City Art Festival | Photo courtesy of Art Colony Association

While there are a multitude of options to find that special piece of artwork, you don’t have to wait for a specific event to see and experience good quality art at reasonable prices; consider visiting Archway Gallery.

The gallery is open six days a week, as well as by appointment; so, call today or go online to immerse yourself in the painting, photography, prints, ceramics, fiber, found objects, glass, metal work, and more you will find awaiting you. In addition, you will meet one of the artists each time you visit… who knows, perhaps, I’ll see you there!

Elevating local art and supporting the Houston art scene for 46 years, Archway Gallery is the longest-running artist-owned gallery in Texas. Stop by the Montrose gallery, meet an artist, and learn about owning original, local art. Plan a visit to the gallery or learn more.

Tracey Meyer, a painter and sculptor, has a split-personality when it comes to making art. Meyer is either very busy planning every element, or, conversely, working completely intuitively. It just depends on what she is doing on any given day. Meyer is aware of being surrounded by shapes found everywhere in our world, and it is the love of these shapes which inform and inspire her creativity in art-making.

Learn more about Archway Gallery and explore its current and upcoming exhibitions.

Tracey Meyer | Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

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Painter and sculptor, Tracey Meyer has a split-personality when it comes to making art. She's either very busy planning every element, or, conversely, working completely intuitively. She's a long time member of Archway Gallery in Montrose, which has been elevating local art and supporting the Houston art scene since 1976.