Comcast RISE Small Business Highlight: O.A. Cargo

Nancy Tran, owner of O.A. Cargo | Photo courtesy of Comcast

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we’ve partnered with Comcast to highlight a handful of the 100 small businesses owned by people of color in Harris and Fort Bend County and are each receiving $10,000 grants from the Comcast RISE Investment Fund.

O.A. Cargo

Founded by Nancy Tran in 2007, O.A. Cargo specializes in international door-to-door and airport-to-airport shipping of personal and commercial goods between North America and Vietnam.

We checked in with Tran, who shared more of her thoughts about her business, Small Business Saturday, and Houston.

On being an entrepreneur and small business owner in Houston…

“Being the owner of small business in Houston is very important to us. Since our first main market is Vietnamese all around the world. Houston being th second largest Vietnamese community in the U.S., after California.”

On her inspiration for founding O.A. Cargo…

“First, I saw the door-to-door market’s huge potential in the USA, where products have a very good quality and good price. So immigrants can buy to ship back to their home towns as gifts for parents, relatives. The Vietnamese really like products and food that come from the USA.

“Second, as a single mom with two kids (ages 12 and 17) who do not speak English fluently, I need more flexible time to help them adapt to life in USA as quickly as they can, guide them and help them at school, and their careers. Asan owner, I can work at night and early morning while the kids are in bed. International business hours with Asia also allow this time to work efficiently for me.”

On Small Business Saturday…

“I do believe it means a lot, helping to  support us and stay strong during the Covid time pandemic time.”

On Houston…

“Houston means a lot to me. This is first office we started building outside California and, from the beginning, we have brought a lot of happiness to Vietnamese residents in Houston, allowing them to send their packages to relatives in just a few weeks (half the normal time frame transit). We were the first ones to ship directly from Houston to the Vietnam Gateway in 2009 for door-to-door services.”

Support O.A. Cargo

Learn more about O.A. Cargo.

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