Comcast RISE Small Business Highlight: Groove Music School

Gonzalo Arjona, Owner of Groove Music School | Photo courtesy of Comcast

In celebration of Small Business Saturday, we’ve partnered with Comcast to highlight a handful of the 100 small businesses owned by people of color in Harris and Fort Bend County and are each receiving $10,000 grants from the Comcast RISE Investment Fund.

Groove Music School

Founded by Gonzalo Arjona in 2015, Groove Music School in Sugar Land offers private instruction on all musical instruments for all ages. Always passionate about music, Arjona started the school after his own professional journey had distanced him from it.

“Wanting to be my own boss and bringing music back in my life was the inspiration to start Groove,” he said.

We checked in with Arjona, who shared more of his thoughts about his business, Small Business Saturday, and Houston.

On being an entrepreneur and small business owner in Houston…

“Houston’s a great place to have a small business and interact with the community. The diversity our city has to offer is unmatched and being able to enjoy that as part of my daily routine is really an honor.”

On his favorite part about owning Groove Music School…

“My favorite thing is working directly with my clients and seeing them every week—both my students and what I call ‘my parents’. Some of them have been with me since day one! You can’t help but build relationships.”

On Small Business Saturday…

“I think it’s a great way to bring attention to mom and pop shops during a very busy shopping season increasingly monopolized by national and online retailers. It’s great to be recognized.”

On Houston…

“Houston is home. It’s where my kids were born and grew up, where I built a family, a business, a life. It’s a big part of me and I’d like to think I’m a small part of it.”

Support Groove Music School

Learn more about Groove Music School today. You can also find and follow Groove Music School on Facebook.

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