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Our Top 5: 132 Design’s Eric De Leon, Ashley Gomez & Paul Barron

Eric De Leon, Ashley Gomez & Paul Barron | Photo courtesy of 132 Design

Our My Top 5 series highlights Houstonians who are actively creating our city’s character and culture, and spotlights their own favorite activities and the things they do in their free time. This summer, we’ve partnered with Comcast to feature six local people-of-color-owned small businesses that have benefited from the Comcast RISE program and riff on our normal series while we showcase the highlighted local business owners.

This week, we’re very pleased to feature Eric De Leon, Ashley Gomez & Paul Barron—three of the owners of the local creative agency 132 Designand reveal their Houston favorites.

Our Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Eric De Leon, Ashley Gomez & Paul Barron
  1. El Taconazo – Even if you’re aren’t in the area, the fajita tacos and charro beans from El Taconazo food truck in Long Point are worth the drive. This spot has been a long time favorite for our team. Here’s what you can expect: Full flavored res, chopped up and stacked into 2 corn tortillas, with a handful of limones, cilantro, and onions to garnish. Go all in and add the salsa verde. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous that day, add some queso blanco and make it a quesadilla. Finish it off with a Coke. You’ll thank us later… But wait, there’s more. The frijoles a la charra might be the real star of this show. Savory broth, flavorful beans with chunks of puerco, cilantro and tomato. Taconazo, just knows what they’re doing. Make sure you have cash on hand, and don’t let the line scare you. 
  2. Thursday Night Bike Rides – If we’re lucky, the stars align and we all manage to meet up for an evening ride with bike crews like Liquor & Wood. This is definitely a 132 favorite. Music, bikes, and great company. We’ll ride together and stop at some local spots along the route. It’s a great way to experience Houston and destress after a crazy work week. 
  3. Brewery HoppingPlatypus Brewery is our favorite microbrewery in Houston because of its uncomplicated selection. This spot is nestled in Sixth Ward off of Washington Avenue. It’s a perfect place to ride up to for a quick drink. We highly recommend the H-Town Ultra Lager. Eureka Heights is another favorite spot. The selection at Eureka is great. These guys are super creative with their blends. Buckle Bunny and Mini Boss are at the top of our list. If you’re ever in The Heights, you must stop by and try Eureka!
  4. Rabbit’s Got The Gun – Who doesn’t like a great cocktail? Houston, we got you. Hit up Rabbit’s Got The Gun in the Near Northside. Roll up to the bar, take a seat, and let the bartender prepare a Paloma for you. Heads up, chamoy and tajin are a part of this gig. These guys pay great attention to detail and know how to dress a cocktail. Just don’t forget to tag them when you post their picture worthy drinks.
  5. Xela Coffee Roasters – Not your mother’s cafectio, but after you bring her here the first time, she’ll be back without you. Xela is a quaint specialty coffee bar in Second Ward, located down the street from our office. The customer service, the art, and the camaraderie are all on point. Makes you wonder if Xela is in the coffee business or the people business because they just get it. Try a Valley Girl cold brew. If we could nominate this drink for Houston’s best year round coffee, we would!

About 132 Design

132 Design is a creative agency owned by four partners, providing design and marketing solutions for progressive businesses in Houston. Three of the firm’s four partners are featured here. Ashley Gomez is a University of Houston alumni, mother of 3, and serves as the team’s content developer and project manager. Eric de León, the team’s creative designer, loves to rides bikes and smoke meats. Paul Barron, the team’s web developer loves working out and playing video games with his sons. Raymond Ruiz, the fourth partner a father of 2 who enjoys hiking, manages strategic marketing for 132 Design’s clients. 

Learn More About Comcast RISE & Apply

This special My Top 5 article is part of a limited 6-part series presented by Comcast. Comcast RISE was formed in late 2020 to give people of color small business owners the tools needed to not just survive, but thrive.

People of color small businesses owners in Houston are encouraged to review the eligibility details and apply for the program. Review and apply now.

Houston Comcast RISE Awardees

Throughout the month of July and August 2021, Comcast will release video and pictorial announcements celebrating a select group of Comcast RISE recipients. These Houston businesses received an Investment Fund grant, technology, and, or marketing resources as a part of the Comcast RISE program. Features will be displayed on Comcast social channels and spotlighted through 365 Houston‘s My Top 5 series. 

Follow along and support these local business owners and find out more about Comcast RISE.

Image provided by Comcast RISE

This special My Top 5 was sponsored by Comcast. Per our advertising and sponsorship policy, we only accept sponsored content from organizations that meet our editorial standards and truly present a valuable activity, event, resource or destination for residents and visitors across the greater Houston area. Advertising revenue helps support 365 Things to Do in Houston, and our contributors, allowing us to expand our coverage of activities and events around the Houston area. Learn about promoting your event, service or business.

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