My Top 5: Ravlin Martial Arts’ Owner Angelus McFarlane

Ravlin Martial Arts 0wner Angelus McFarlane | Photo courtesy of Comcast RISE

Our My Top 5 series spotlights Houstonians shaping the character and culture of our city, asking them to share their own favorite activities and distractions in their personal time. This summer, we’ve partnered with Comcast to feature six local people-of-color-owned small businesses that have benefited from the Comcast RISE program.

This week, we’re very pleased to feature Angelus McFarlane, owner of Ravlin Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai in Southwest Houston and a 2020 Houston Comcast RISE awardee.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Angelus McFarlane
  1. Houston Coffee Shops – I enjoy coffee shops where I can sit back and enjoy great specialty brewed coffee and a good breakfast sandwich or pastry. My favorites in Houston—Tout Suite, Siphon, Black Hole Coffee House—are all beautiful, modern spaces with touches of mid century modern eclectic decor. Each offers their own unique atmosphere and specialized bites.
  2. Baileson Brewing Company – One of my favorite parts of Houston is the Museum District and it’s a bonus to have Baileson Brewing Company in the area. Owners Sarah and Adam are reason enough to stop in for a cold brew. They’re super friendly and brew an interesting variety of craft beer. Located in an old mechanic shop, its open air space and outdoor area is a great place for my girlfriend and I to bring our dog, enjoy a cold pint and a variety of local food truck offerings.
  3. West Houston Archery – I expressed an interest in archery to my girlfriend. She bought me a bow and took me to West Houston Archery to get it calibrated and my sights set and to practice on their indoor range. Interacting with the staff there is like hanging out with old friends. We can joke around while I’m also learning how to improve my skills.
  4. Hermann Park – With my busy schedule I can’t always get out and enjoy nature. Hermann Park is a great place to enjoy green spaces, from riding my bike to taking the family for see a performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre, have picnics and play games and sports, to attending our best friends’ wedding in the Japanese Garden on one of the hottest days of the summer during a pandemic, there’s always sights to see, places to explore, a variety of activities to do. 
  5. Argyle League – Between work, family and life’s responsibilities is a need to find time to treat myself. One of my favorite places to do that is Argyle League. Carlos, the owner, is a fellow lover of jiu jitsu and my barber Travis—who has cut my hair for the past 3 years—and I pass the time entertaining each other with stories of our families and what our kids are up to. Great cuts and throwback style, there’s no better place in Houston to enjoy a haircut and a straight edge razor shave. 

About Angelus McFarlane

Angelus McFarlane is the owner of Ravlin Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. After moving from New York, he has lived in Houston for almost 20 years. McFarlane lives, works, and plays with his girlfriend, their five kids, and rescue dog in Meyerland. Through his business he works with the community, including colleges like HCC, members of the YMCA, and local schools where he promotes fitness and self defense education and awareness.

Learn More About Comcast RISE & Apply

This My Top 5 article is part of a special 6-part series presented by Comcast. Comcast RISE was formed in late 2020 to give people of color small business owners the tools needed to not just survive, but thrive.

People of color small businesses owners in Houston are encouraged to review the eligibility details and apply for the program. Review and apply now.

Houston Comcast RISE 2021 Awardees

Throughout the month of July and August 2021, Comcast will release video and pictorial announcements celebrating a select group of Comcast RISE recipients. These Houston businesses received an Investment Fund grant, technology, and, or marketing resources as a part of the Comcast RISE program. Features will be displayed on Comcast social channels and spotlighted through 365 Houston‘s My Top 5 series. 

Follow along and support these local business owners and find out more about Comcast RISE.

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