My Top 5: Tobiuo Sushi & Bar Chef-Owner Sherman Yeung

Tobiuo Sushi & Bar Chef-Owner, Sherman Yeung | Courtesy Kimberly Park

In our My Top 5 series, we turn to the Houstonians who create and shape Houston’s character and ask them to share their own favorite things that make H-Town home. This week, we’re delighted to feature Sherman Yeung, the chef and owner of Tobiuo Sushi & Bar at Cinco Ranch in Katy.

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Sherman Yeung
  1. Squable in the Heights – I really consider dining out to be a luxury because we have such an awesome food scene in Houston. Squable is one of my favorite restaurants for date night and dining with friends because I love the atmosphere and food. My favorite menu items are the marinated mussels on grilled bread and fresh pastas.
  2. American Shooting Centers in George Bush Park – Skeet shooting with a good friend is a weekly tradition for me. We’re both very competitive and like to shoot skeet and long range. We’re always at the center bright and early when we go—right when it opens—so we can have a field to ourselves before the lunch ruse arrives.
  3. Motorsport Ranch Houston (MSRH) in Angleton – I have history with this race track that goes back to 2010. Before my time in the restaurant industry, I was heavily into the motorcycle scene and would spend many weekends here. Now that I’ve gotten older (and arguably smarter), I take my car instead of motorcycle for track days. MSRH also has an awesome outdoor go-karting course.
  4. Tornado Burger in Stafford – I love cheeseburgers so much that I have a cheeseburger on my license plate! I grew up in Sugar Land, so I had the luxury of eating at Tornado Burger a lot and even continued when I moved into the city. The double spicy cheeseburger is one of my favorite burgers of all time. Don’t forget to add the fries!
  5. Hong Kong Food Street – Chinatown is unquestionably a staple for my family when it comes to dining and/or takeout. My parents always took my sister and me to Hong Kong Food Street when we were growing up. Today, my go-to dishes are wonton noodle soup, beef flat noodles (干炒牛河), and crispy pork belly. Tip: a hugely underrated dish off the menu is their house-made tofu pudding.

About Sherman Yeung

As chef-owner at Tobiuo Sushi & Bar, Sherman Yeung has always been passionate about the full experience of dining. A first-generation Houstonian with family roots in Hong Kong, Yeung has a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Marketing and a background in accounting. However, after visiting Japan as a young adult, Yeung fell in love with Japanese cuisine. Opened in 2018, Tobiuo Sushi & Bar has earned accolades for its innovative and beautifully presented sushi and other inspired menu items. In addition, Yeung prides himself in the elevated omakase tastings and seasonal specials presented through cold tastings that showcase and explore both specific cuts of fish and other facets of Japanese cuisine. Yeung’s passion for food and unforgettable experiences shines through his top Houston picks.

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