Tip off a new Rockets era against the Phoenix Suns at Toyota Center

Houston Rockets teammates Sterling Brown and Christian Wood high five
Photo courtesy of Houston Rockets

Cheer on the Houston Rockets as they take home court to face the Phoenix Suns at Toyota Center on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

With the James Harden era officially coming to a close, the Rockets look to the future and a matchup with the Phoenix Suns, where some of the newest members to join the Houston squad are set for their home debuts.

Victor Oladipo, the newest scoring threat for the Rockets, is expected to play alongside Christian Wood, Boogie Cousins and an increasingly healthy Houston team. They’ll be facing ex-Rocket Chris Paul, Devin Booker and the red-hot Phoenix Suns.

The Houston Rockets and Toyota Center are adhering to new public safety rules for attendance, including all fans taking a COVID-19 Symptom and Exposure survey within 48 hours of entering the stadium. Click here to learn more about public safety rules taking place at Toyota Center.

Social Distancing & COVID-19

Businesses and organizations in Houston have opened under modified protocols, following guidelines administered by local health officials, the State of Texas and CDC. At this time, guidance from experts urges people to continue wearing face masks when in public spaces, practice social distancing of at least six feet, limit your touching of surfaces and frequently use hand sanitizer or soap and water to keep your hands clean.

Although vaccines have been approved and distribution has begun, supplies are still limited. Health officials have severely cautioned that it will take until late spring 2021 before the U.S. might be able to expect a level of herd immunity. In the meantime, masks are strongly advised to help curb the increasing spread of COVID-19 this winter.

Before heading out, take time to familiarize with your destination’s requirements or restrictions at this moment, and be sure to contact them ahead of time with any questions or concerns.

Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns at Toyota Center