Watch the creative process unfold with Artists on Site at Asia Society Texas Center

Ahra Cho | Photo courtesy of Asia Society Texas Center

Witness the evolution of artistic process in working studio spaces during Artists on Site at Asia Society Texas Center through Sunday, January 24, 2021.

In response to the extraordinary challenges facing artists in 2020, Asia Society Texas Center has invited four Houston-based Black, Indigenous, People of Color artists to utilize working studio spaces during December and January, allowing the public to view the artists’ ideas, research and evolution of their works as it takes place.

Visitors to Asia Society Texas Center can watch the featured artists—Ahra Cho, Laura Drey, Brandon Tho Harris and Royal Sumikat—as they work in media ranging among painting, photography, video, sculpture, performance and installation.

In addition, free virtual webcast conversations with the artists will take place in January, allowing the public to engage deeper with the creative process on display.

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Social Distancing & COVID-19

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While the Governor of Texas has lifted mandatory mask orders and capacity limits, most businesses are still requiring face masks to enter and enforcing reduced capacity. Familiarize with your destination’s policies ahead of time and please respect their public safety precautions.

Artists on Site at Asia Society Texas Center