Peep Carmen Herrera’s outdoor creations in Buffalo Bayou Park

"Untitled Estructura (Red)" (1962 /2018) by Carmen Herrera | Photo: 365 Houston

Take a gander at a major outdoor exhibition of four sculptural works by artist Carmen Herrera, Estructuras Monumentales, on view in Buffalo Bayou Park through Friday, April 23, 2021.

Installed in October 2020, as part of Buffalo Bayou Park’s five year anniversary celebration, the four works of aluminum feature strong lines and shapes, boast bold monochromatic colors, and range in size up to seven feet tall and twelve feet wide.

Typically known for her vividly colorful abstract paintings, the 105-year-old artist from Cuba is a globally known talent. Estructuras Monumentales is her very first public art exhibition in Houston.

The works can be found in Fondren Foundation Meadow at Buffalo Bayou Park, which is near the intersection of Allen Parkway and Gillette Street.

“Pavanne” (1967) by Carmen Herrera | Photo: 365 Houston

Estructuras Monumentales by Carmen Herrera

When facing the sculptures with Allen Parkway at your back, the four works of art are as follows.

  • Pavanne (1967/2017) – Originally conceived as a monument for Herrera’s younger brother Mariano, who was dying of cancer at the time, the work features three tightly interlocking components calling for silent reflection. The work’s title references the musical term for a slow processional dance with funereal overtones.
  • Gemini (1971/2019) – A physical, three-dimensional inversion of Herrera’s Blanco y Verde painting series (1966-67), features two triangular slivers of negative space (open air) framed by green rectangles.
  • Angulo Blanco (2017) – The first Estructura that Herrera designed in more than three decades, the sharp and angular Angulo Blanco channels the dynamism of the artist’s most iconic paintings.
  • Untitled Estructura (1962/2018) – Created the same year that tensions between the U.S. and Cuban escalated into the Cuban Missile Crisis—when Herrera and her husband were helping loved ones and refugees escape the country—Untitled Estructura may be an allusion to tense yin and yang of the artist’s adopted country and her homeland.

Estructuras Monumentales by Carmen Herrera in Buffalo Bayou Park

Estructuras Monumentales by Carmen Herrera. From left to right (facing Allen Parkway): Untitled Estructura (1962/2018), Angulo Blanco (2017) and Gemini (1971/2019) | Photo: 365 Houston