Find your calm at the reopening of the Rothko Chapel

Courtesy of Architecture Research Office

Take a moment to relax and meditate among the towering artworks of painter Mark Rothko when the newly renovated Rothko Chapel reopens to the public on Thursday, September 24, 2020.

After closing in March 2019, the Rothko Chapel‘s renovation is finally complete and ready to welcome back visitors with appropriate public safety measures in place.

The spiritual space is a destination for visitors from around the world and rests on the campus of the Menil Collection in Montrose. Inside, visitors are encouraged to quietly enjoy the stillness of the Chapel, contemplate their inner lives, or simply be among the deep purple and blacks of American painter Mark Rothko’s imposing works.

Outside, green spaces provide the opportunity to relax among trees, benches and a sculpture by Barnett Newman, Broken Obelisk, which pays tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and sits atop a reflection pool near the entrance. The new Welcome House is also available for visiting. Click here for more information.

Social Distancing & COVID-19

Businesses in Houston have opened under modified protocols, following guidelines administered by local health officials, the State of Texas and CDC. At this time, guidance from experts urges people to continue wearing face masks when in public spaces, practice social distancing of at least six feet, limit your touching of surfaces and frequently use hand sanitizer or soap and water to keep your hands clean.

Before heading out, take time to familiarize with your destination’s requirements or restrictions at this moment, and be sure to contact them ahead of time with any questions or concerns.

Reopening of the Rothko Chapel in Montrose