Say “Yes!” to Census 2020 this month & support your local community

Courtesy of the City of Houston

Help ensure future support for the city of Houston when you take the time to fill out your Census 2020 form before Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

The deadline to fill out your Census 2020 form is fast approaching and making sure you’re counted will help ensure the city of Houston has the support it needs for schools, roads, families, children and more over the coming decade.

You can complete your form online, by phone or by mail using the Census ID code you received in the mail in March 2020. If you don’t have that code, you can still fill out your Census 2020 form by clicking here.

It takes just a few moments to complete, is confidential, and will help ensure federal funds over the next ten years to local communities for schools, clinics, roads and public services for families, older adults and children.

Why the Census Matters

The census, which takes place every ten years, is a constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the United States, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

Responses are confidential and vital to understanding where to send billions of dollars of federal resources and how many congressional representatives a state receives. This directly impacts access to health care, housing, education, transportation and nutritional assistance.

Local officials in Houston estimate that every 1% of undercounted population in Houston’s Census 2020 response rate could cost the city as much as $250 million in federal support over the next decade.

You can fill out a Census 2020 form online, by phone or by mail. Click here to fill out a Census 2020 form.

Census 2020