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Plot a multi-hued course through H-Town with Houston Mural Map

Produce Row by Dual Streets | Photo: Alex Barber, courtesy of Houston Mural Map

Find your favorite Houston murals or street art with the newly launched HoustonMuralMap.com website, featuring more than 850 murals pinned to an easy-to-navigate map.

Blessed with an ever-evolving canvas of murals and street art, Houstonians now have a handy tool to discover colorful new works, learn more about their favorite creations, and discover the talented artists who color our visual landscapes.

Anyone can explore H-Town’s murals and mini-murals by artist, neighborhood or community, and even the partners that help fund many of the larger installations.

Just like H-Town’s mural landscape, the website created by UP Art Studio and local web developer Alex Barber is a work-in-progress. In addition to current landmarks, it features murals of the past, which have long been painted over, and plans are in place to continue growing the individual listings.

Plans are in place for hundreds of additional murals to be crowd-sourced and added to the site.

Inspiration: Alegría by Cirque du Soleil by Sebastien “MrD1987” Boileau | Photo courtesy of Houston Mural Map

Using the Interactive Website

The interactive digital map displays the locations of hundreds of works of street art expressing the energy and cultural character of Houston. You’ll find many promoting social causes, products, and personalities.

There is plenty to explore virtually, and almost all installations can be viewed from the car. If visiting directly and getting out of the car, be sure to maintain social distance from others and wear a mask.

Visitors can zoom to a neighborhood of interest, then click on a location for each mural. The website includes all available information, including links to the artists’ online presence. The crowd-sourced map will be updated as more murals and information are submitted.

Houston Mural Map

  • Website: HoustonMuralMap.com
  • Launched: Wedsesday, July 15, 2020
  • Creators: UP Art Studio with support from the City of Houston, Houston Arts Alliance, and Fresh Arts.
History, A Rose by Alex “Zu” Arzu | Photo: Giselle Parra, courtesy of Houston Mural Map

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