Find the latest tunes with curbside pick-up & online orders at Cactus Music

Find your favorite bands in rack after rack of CDs, vinyl records and more at Cactus Music

Break your streaming habits with new and hard-to-find records, CDs, and more with a curbside pick-up or online order from Cactus Music.

The Bayou City’s premier music store and local haunt for serious record collectors since 1975, Cactus Music is a superb supplier of all things music with rack after rack of the latest tunes, classic hits from yesteryear, uncommon rarities, and gifts that range from quirky to coveted.

Located near Montrose, just off Richmond Avenue and Shepherd Drive, the music super store is a great one-stop shop for browsing thousands of compact discs, vinyl records, cassette tapes—and even the occasional 8-track.

You’ll also find t-shirts of all sizes featuring beloved bands alongside local and national books that dive into a wide variety of genres, musicians, and cultural movements. If you’re on the hunt for a great gift, Cactus Music also offers an array of trinkets, toys and collectibles for fans of legendary artists or just those in need of a laugh.

Courtesy of Cactus Music

Pick-Up & Delivery Options

Health experts are still recommending that people avoid groups and crowded environments, including in the state of Texas. Accordingly, Cactus Music is remaining closed to customers, though they are still offering several ways to shop local and find the tunes you’re looking for.

  • Curbside Pick-Up – Shoot an e-mail to CactusCurbside with requests and availability checks, or call in to talk to one of Cactus’ knowledgeable record-slingers to track down an item in stock. They’ll assemble your order and you can swing by for a curbside delivery to your car.
  • Deal of the Day – Check out their social media to discover the Deal of the Day that is available until they sell out.
  • Shop Online – Pre-order upcoming releases, shop for the latest music, and support local business by shopping in Cactus Music’s online shop, where your purchases will be delivered direct to your door. If you’re looking for a way to support the indie record store, consider snagging one of their iconic store t-shirts, available in fifteen different designs.
  • Dig into Discogs – If you’re on the hunt for something older, rare, or a prized find, then dig into their online Discogs storefront, where you’ll find over 2,000 albums from their stock that range from local band offerings to five-figure holy grails (a Discogs account is required to purchase albums).

Click here for more information and to kick off your order.

Cactus Music | Photo: 365 Houston

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