Things to Do at Home: Cook with Recipes from Local & Celebrity Chefs

Elevate your plate while cooking at home with recipes from Houston chefs as well as celebrity chefs while practicing social distancing.

With the City of Houston’s requirement that public gatherings be canceled or postponed until further notice, we’ve all had to say farewell to fine dining, favorite restaurants, and familiar ambiance.

Just because we’re all staying home doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to eating well. It doesn’t even mean you can’t support beloved restaurants, either.

Read below to learn more about recipes from area chefs and more to cook at home.

Recipes from Notable Local Chefs to Cook at Home

How to Cook a Steak at Home with Chef Chris Shepherd of Georgia James

How to Make Guacamole at Home with Chef Alex Padilla of the Original Ninfa’s

How to Bake the Award-Winning Truffle Twinkie at Home with Chef David Cordúa of David + Michael Cordúa Events

How to Cook Charred Shishito Peppers and Garlic Herb Oil at Home with Chef Justin Yu of Squable

Recipes from Celebrity Chefs to Cook at Home

How to Make Instant Ramen Cacio e Pepe at Home with Chef David Chang of Momofuku

How to Cook Perfect Burgers Indoors at Home with Sam Sifton of New York Times Cooking

How to Bake Sourdough Bread at Home with Andrew Rea of Binging With Babish

How to Cook Turkey-Style Meatballs at Home with America’s Test Kitchen

How to Cook Internet-Famous Chickpea Stew at Home with Best-Selling Cookbook Author Alison Roman of Dining In

How to Make Scrambled Eggs at Home with Chef Gordon Ramsay

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