My Top 5 Ways to Stay Positive in Stressful Times: Bonfire Coaching Founder Tina Marie St. Cyr

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Our My Top 5 feature showcases Houstonians who are shaping the culture in the city and impacting people’s lives. In turn, they share their own five favorite tips for living in Houston. This week, we’re pleased to present a special edition, focusing on ways to stay positive in these very uncertain and easily overwhelming times, with a special edition from Tina Marie St. Cyr, founder of Bonfire Coaching and an expert in personal and professional development. She’ sharing her own tactics to stay sane and healthy in uncertain times. 

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Tina Marie St. Cyr

  1. Meditation and Self Reflection– I asked myself, “What am I learning about myself in this new place uncertainty?” Checking in on my thoughts, emotions and habits while under stress has been a great place of growth. Bob Dylan says, “Those not busy being born are busy dying”. Wow this means so much more given our world circumstances. We are being asked to grow. And in the beginning days of springtime, how beautiful is the timing? I even started doing Facebook Live meditations every night where others can join and we can chat. I’m loving it. 
  2. Time with my loved ones – I heard a great quote, “In these times of uncertainty we are being asked to hold those we hold dear closer.” Love matters. It is the healing energy of all there is. I am writing love notes and letters and making cards with family pictures, something I have rarely done since texting and email became more the norm. 
  3. Calling friends, employees, loved ones to check on them and catch up on life – The highest human need is contribution. When we can contribute and aid the life of another person, our heart rejoices and we feel purposeful and connected. I started a personal challenge, that has now gone online to invite people to connect with others more so now. Check in on them. Especially the ones who live alone and may feel more secluded than others. 
  4. Exercising and focusing on my health even more – It’s easy to let go of personal health habits in times of crisis and worry. I find my peace, self-trust, and energy come from keeping my word to myself. Treating myself with love and respect when it comes to making certain I am maintaining my daily workouts, and eating my fruits and veggies. I know my immune system is my first line of defense in these trying times. 
  5. Unleashing my inner artist and playful little girl – Man, can I get stressed out if I worry about all things uncontrollable. So, to remedy this inner panic I find myself dancing, singing out loud, playing hide and seek with my dog, and returning to my artistic side. Drawing, writing poetry, and getting creative with recipes haves all added a peacefulness and playfulness to the solitude. 

About Tina Marie St. Cyr

The founder of Bonfire Coaching and a resident of Houston since age 2, Tina Marie St. Cyr, has long focused on personal development, leadership, and communications. With 15 years of coaching under her belt, St. Cyr is a licensed corporate trainer specializing in human communications and relations, focusing on areas of personal development, careers, relationships, business, and leadership development. When she created Bonfire Coaching, she began training other coaches in her methodology, many of whom now serve Bonfire’s clients in personal life coaching, career coaching and executive/leadership coaching.

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