Tap your toes, bob your head & jam at home with our Songs About Houston playlist on Spotify

Approaching Downtown Houston on Memorial Drive | Photo: 365 Houston

Get out and paint the town red virtually with our musical tour (okay, it’s a playlist) of tunes celebrating, be-moaning, and relating a wide range of lives, loves, and experiences in H-Town and along the Gulf Coast.

The eclectic mix channels much of Houston’s coastal soul, cowboy roots, modern hip hop influence, and quirky peculiarity.

You’ll find local talents, past and present, from Archie Bell, Beyoncé and Steve Earle to The Suffers, Travis Scott and ZZ Top. Plus carpet-bagger musicians, acclaimed and unknown, who were inspired by some aspect of the city while passing through.

While it’s not exhaustive and fully comprehensive, we hope it’s a lot of fun and a source of distraction. Scroll down if your favorite isn’t on the list and you want to suggest it.

Language Advisory: Parents and guardians should note that some songs on the list contain language not suitable for young ears. Others may be broadcast appropriate, but still deal with adult themes.

Songs About Houston Playlist on Spotify

Suggest Your Favorite Songs About Houston

Is there a tune about H-Town that we may have missed? Or a musical love letter to the city performed by a local artist?

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to get it added!

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