Give hope by giving blood to Houstonians in need at a Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Photo courtesy of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

Donate blood to ensure the safety and health of fellow Houstonians at a Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center near you.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread in the United States, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center wants to make sure blood banks in the Gulf Coast are fully stocked.

Since it is the blood already on the shelves that saves lives, maintaining a sufficient blood supply is essential to ensure patients in need receive treatment.

If you are feeling healthy and well, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center strongly encourages you to schedule and keep blood donations regularly to help patients in our local hospitals.

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Before You Visit

Blood has a short shelf life and must be continually replenished.

Healthy people must regularly donate to minimize disruptions to the blood supply and ensure blood is available for patients, but in this time of crisis, GCRBC understands that there are important questions potential donors may have.

For instance, is donating blood during this time unsafe? The answer is no. Absolutely no cases of coronavirus or flu virus have been linked to blood exposure. Furthermore, GCRBC staff protect themselves and their donors by maintaining clean hands, wearing gloves, cleaning work surfaces, and covering coughs and sneezes.

Are you feeling under the weather? Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center asks anyone who does not feel healthy and well to wait until they have fully recovered to donate blood. Blood donors must be healthy, feeling well, and free of respiratory illness symptoms to be eligible to donate. 

If you are feeling healthy and well but still have questions about donating, please contact a GCRBC Donor Advocate at [email protected] or 713-791-6373.

Ready to donate? Click here to find a location nearest you.

More Ways to Help

Already donated? Dine out while social distancing by ordering pick-up or delivery and support local restaurants, coffee shops and more around Houston.

Lend a hand if you can to others in Houston and your local community affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) by donating or volunteering with these organizations throughout the Greater Houston area.

And if you need help yourself, utilize free food and curbside pickup service at one of 36 distribution sites courtesy of the Houston Food Bank & HISD, or find other resources that can help provide financial assistance to you or someone you know in need.