Learn about life on the sea & Victorian decor with Spring Break classes in Galveston

1892 Bishop's Palace | Courtesy of Galveston Historical Foundation

Study up on the sailor life and decorative endeavors with Spring Break classes at Texas Seaport Museum and 1892 Bishop’s Palace in Galveston from Monday, March 9 through Friday, March 13, 2020.

This Spring Break, two of Galveston’s historic treasures open up for a week of classes that are illuminating for any history enthusiast, prospective high seas sailor, or curious learner looking for take-home goodies.

Scroll below to check out Spring Break classes taking place at the Texas Seaport Museum and 1892 Bishop’s Palace.

Courtesy of Galveston Historical Foundation

Texas Seaport Museum

Spring Break classes at Texas Seaport Museum are limited to 20 participants and are free with general admission to the museum. Classes are held dockside (unless otherwise noted), and begin at 11:30am.

  • Sailor’s Knots: Figure 8 Bracelets | Monday, March 9 – Learn about some of the more decorative knots that can be found aboard ELISSA, and tie your own take-hom Figure 8 bracelet. Class will last 30 minutes.
  • Set a Sail | Tuesday, March 10 – Live the life of an 1800s sailor by joining a volunteer crew to set a sail at dock. Learn the language of seafaring, how to work as a group, and what it took to make it out at sea. Class is limited to 15 participants and will last 45 minutes.
  • Meal Time on the Main | Wednesday, March 11 – Discover the various cooking methods needed at sea, and dive into a hardtack cooking class to see who can make the best tasting biscuits. Class will last 30 minutes.
  • Sing Like a Sailor | Thursday, March 12 – Music was a vital part of keeping rhythm for 19th-century sailors in their work, and this class will teach some traditional sea shanties and show how they were used aboard ships through the ages. Class will last 30 minutes.
  • Let’s Talk Trash | Friday, March 13 – Part of NAMEPA’s Plastic Pledge, this program will discuss marine debris and how you can help save our oceans from more pollution. Bring an old adult-size t-shirt and transform it into a reusable recycled t-shirt bag to take home. Class will last one hour.

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1892 Bishop’s Palace | Courtesy of Illumine Photographic Services

1892 Bishop’s Palace

Spring Break classes at 1892 Bishop’s Palace are limited in size and free with general admission. All classes begin at 11:30am and will not last longer than an hour.

  • Victorian Fan Making | Monday, March 9 – Stay cool during Spring Break with your own Victorian hand fan. All materials are included and creativity is encouraged for a self-designed take-home fan. Class is limited to 15 participants.
  • Bishop’s Palace Calling Cards | Tuesday, March 10 – Throwing back to the age of Victorian calling cards, participants will craft their own with images of historical cards for inspiration. Class is limited to 15 participants.
  • Decorative Découpage | Wednesday, March 11 – Dive into découpage, a popular Victorian pastime to spruce up furniture, with your own decorative box or small object to take home. Class is limited to 10 participants.
  • Histories First Flipbook | Thursday, March 12 – Recreate photographer Edward Muybridge’s first moving picture of a horse in the 19th century as you learn about the origin of moving pictures and create your own flipbook. Class is limited to 15 participants.
  • Architecture is Sweet | Friday, March 13 – Build your own palace with cookies, candy, and frosting in an architectural challenge that helps teach what it takes to keep a house standing. Classes are limited to 10 participants.

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Courtesy of Galveston Historical Foundation

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Spring Break Classes in Galveston

Courtesy of Galveston Historical Foundation

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