Start your day at an old-school joint for breakfast & lunch tacos at Brothers Taco House in EaDo

Photo courtesy of Brothers Taco House

Hop in line at a local favorite beloved for their breakfast tacos and hand-made tortillas at Brothers Taco House in EaDo.

Located in EaDo (short for East Downtown, naturally) on Emancipation Avenue near Leeland Street, this breakfast taco staple is perfect for stopping in to grab your food on the go.

Family-owned and operated, it’s not uncommon to find a line out the door at this equally popular and quaint down-home cooking destination, but you can take heart knowing that the line moves surprisingly quick.

The cash- and outdoor-only factors do little to deter hungry Houstonians who flock to this modest Mexican food outpost for breakfast bites including egg, potato, sausage, chorizo, and bacon tacos as well as plates and dinner taco options that include, picadillo, carne guisada, lengua, barbacoa (weekend-only), chicken chipotle and.

This is the perfect spot if you like your food quick, your salsas clear-your-sinuses hot, and your tacos served in tinfoil.

Click here for more menu information.

Brothers Taco House in EaDo

Photo courtesy of Brothers Taco House
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