Sip your cup of joe from a hip hangout at Throughgood Coffee in Shady Acres

Photo courtesy of Throughgood Coffee

Fill up on caffeine and baked goods from the knowledgeable staff of coffee experts, bakers, chefs, and artists at the hip, industrial-chic Throughgood Coffee in Shady Acres.

Located just north of the Heights in Shady Acres, this quaint coffee shop is known for its easygoing vibe, locally-sourced quality products, and an unwavering dedication to excellent drinks.

Whether you’re sipping on a cold brew, espresso, pour-over, or drip coffee, Throughgood Coffee delivers quality roasted beans from Amaya Roasting Company, who works with respectable and responsible coffee farmers to bring the best beans to your cup.

As you savor the flavor of your cup of joe, the warm sounds of vinyl and surrounding walls decked with visual art makes for a cozy place to spark your creativity.

If you’ve arrived hungry, Throughgood Coffee sources its food products from the best of the nearby neighborhood. Enjoy amazing gourmet donuts from Hugs and Donuts, homemade jam and biscuits from Bleu Catering Kitchen, tacos from the Soul Taco truck parked out front, and more.

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Throughgood Coffee in Shady Acres

Photo courtesy of Throughgood Coffee