Savor late-night Japanese comfort food at Ninja Ramen on Washington Avenue

Photo courtesy of Ninja Ramen

Sip on specialty cocktails and Japanese whiskey as you slurp noodles at Ninja Ramen on Washington Avenue

Located in the heart of bustling Washington Avenue, this no-nonsense, local favorite is known for their Asahikawa-style Ramen recipe from northern Japan and robust selection of Japanese whiskey, available deep into the wee hours of the morning.

Ninja Ramen‘s different approach to the tasty bowl means a lighter broth and skinnier noodles than the more typical tonktosu ramen.

Hit this quaint bar and restaurant for lunch or dinner and try savory dishes including Mazemen, a brothless “ramen” with cream sauce, pork belly, egg, nori, and green onion; Spam Musubi, which comes with pan-seared spam, rice, and nori; and the delicious ramen in an Asahikawa-style broth with pork belly, egg, bamboo shoots, and green onion.

While filling up on ramen, be sure to ask your waiter about which whiskey or cocktail will pair with your meal for a match made in mouth-watering heaven.

Click here for more menu information.

Ninja Ramen on Washington Avenue 

Photo courtesy of Ninja Ramen
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