Throw a roving dinner party, embark on an adventure, or charter a pub crawl around Houston

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Keep things fun, easy, and warm this winter with custom pub crawls, progressive dinners, and other local adventures with GOGO Charters Houston

While everyone has ride services at the ready, getting large groups of people around safely and comfortably is definitely still a challenge—especially if you’re going to mix beer, wine, or cocktails into your plans.

Whether you’ve got a larger group to entertain and schlep around Houston or you’re looking for a fun twist on entertaining your friends, GOGO Charters Houston can sort you out quickly with easy and efficient door-to-door transportation in climate-controlled comfort.

With experience all over Texas, the local charter bus rental service regularly organizes group transportation for corporate events, field trips, weddings, church outings, brunch and pub crawls, and more.

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Tour Houston’s murals, both hidden and obvious | Photo: 365Houston

Mobile Adventure Ideas on GOGO Charters Houston

Even if you don’t have a pending group transportation need, we may spark an idea for your next party or gathering. You can build around a theme, adding costumes, props, single-color requirements (everyone can wear pink), and more.

Note: Be sure to plan ahead and work with GOGO Charters Houston to plan, schedule, and reserve your spaces at each establishment you visit. This will help you avoid dumping a group of 10, 25, or 40 people into a restaurant, bar, or other business unexpectedly.

Saint Arnold Brewery | Photo courtesy 365 Houston

About GOGO Charters Houston

From startups and Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and personal groups, GOGO Charters Houston is a top-rated Texas charter bus company. The bus rental company offers reliable transportation that’s personalized and tailored to specific needs, including national charter bus services for anyone looking to hit the road beyond Texas.

Private Tours & Adventures with GOGO Charters Houston

Courtesy of GOGO Charters Houston

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