Savor the flavors of simply delicious Vietnamese food at Simply Pho in Midtown

Photo courtesy of Simply Pho

Stop in for Vietnamese soups, rice plates, banh mi sandwiches, and more traditional dishes at Simply Pho in Midtown.

Located in the heart of Midtown on Milam Street, this casual Vietnamese cafe is beloved for their large selection (and portions) of pho, mouth-watering broth, delectable Vietnamese sandwiches, fresh ingredients, and very reasonably priced dishes for their size and quality.

Opened in 2013, the large, bustling restaurant has become an area favorite because of their ability to accommodate big parties with no shortage of seating, the early-to-late hours from 11am to 10pm daily, their friendly wait staff, quick service, and, of course, the unforgettable food.

Dig into delicious dishes including the flavorful shrimp and egg rolls vermicelli; the decadent steak, flank, and fatty brisket pho; or bite into a savory shredded chicken banh mi and up your sandwich game with an added fried egg. At Simply Pho, you can also take your noodle soup in a different direction with the 100% vegan pho which comes with veggie broth, tofu, and a plethora of vegetables.

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Photo courtesy of Simply Pho

Simply Pho in Midtown

Photo courtesy of Simply Pho