Delight in creative Mexican food & cocktails at Cuchara in Montrose

Photo courtesy of Cuchara Restaurant

Nosh on authentic Mexico City cuisine among eye-catching murals in a modern bistro with an open aesthetic at Cuchara in Montrose

Located in the heart of Montrose at the corner of Fairview and Taft Streets, Cuchara elevates its food beyond lunch and dinner to a cultural experience.

Opened in 2012 by Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel, the restaurant is filled with jolts of color and texture from the rainbow-hued plates and bowls to the rough-hewn half-aprons worn by the waiters that reference the menu’s Mexico City origins.

Hungry guests can look forward to dinner dishes including Flautas de Res which comes with shredded beef, lettuce, cream, cotija cheese, and a side of green salsa; Mole Negro, which features 34 ingredients and is considered to be one of the most complex dishes in Mexico; and the Mula de Nopal which is a grilled cactus filet stuffed with panela cheese on morita pepper salsa.

Looking for something on the breakfast or brunch side? Stop in on Saturday or Sunday for Chilaquiles verdes, blancos, or rojos (green, white or red chilaquiles) which come with two fried eggs or Huevos Divorciados—”divorced” fried eggs on top of tortillas, one covered in green salsa and the other in red.

If that’s not enough to satisfy your appetite, take it up a notch with “Her Majesty: Pambazo”, which features pambazo bread fried in guajillo peppers, stuffed with potato and chorizo, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, and cream, topped with spicy green salsa.

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Photo courtesy of Cuchara Restaurant

The Murals 

While you’re there, be sure to check out the murals by Mexico City artist Cecilia Beaven, who also created more of the art and playful animal icons that are present everywhere.

The largest Beaven artwork, a chaotic maze of cars and roads, runs the length of the dining room, while her images of drinkers look down at people lounging and sipping cocktails at the bar, which features a menu created by Houston bartender Chris Frankel.

Cuchara in Montrose

Photo courtesy of Cuchara Restaurant
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