Raise a glass of craft beer at the Tall Ship Elissa’s 142nd Birthday Party in Galveston

Photo courtesy of Galveston Historical Foundation

Celebrate the Tall Ship Elissa’s 142nd Birthday Party with complimentary craft beer, cake, and more aboard the Tall Ship Elissa at Texas Seaport Museum on Saturday, October 26, 2019. 

This month, one of the world’s oldest sailing hulls in operation, the Tall Ship Elissa, celebrates 142 years on the open waters and you’re invited to the birthday party.

Presented by the Galveston Historical Foundation, Tall Ship Elissa’s 142nd Birthday Party provides guests with on-board access to the deck, complimentary craft beer, cake, and more at this special History on Tap tasting.

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Photo courtesy of Galveston CVB

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Tall Ship Elissa’s 142nd Birthday Party at Texas Seaport Museum

Photo: Justin Jerkins

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