Dine into the late night on cheap but excellent Mexican food at Chapultepec Lupita

Photo courtesy of Chapultepec Lupita

Step inside a cozy Tex-Mex joint that serves mouth-watering meals 24/7 almost seven days a week at Chapultepec Lupita.

Located in the heart of Montrose on Richmond near the eponymous street, this rowdy, late-night landmark is beloved for their¬†bargain prices, great jukebox, attentive staff, large selection of tequilas, spicy-as-hell chips and salsa,¬†homemade tortillas, savory fajitas, and their famed “eggchiladas”.

What might you ask are eggchiladas? Well, most importantly, they’re delicious, but more specifically, they’re three tasty cheese enchiladas that come served with Mexican rice and get this: an egg over medium. It might not sound like a lot, but we promise once you get past the name, you’ll thank us later. Will you dare to try breakfast for dinner?

If you’re all about inexpensive food at all hours of the night, stop into this hidden gem hole in the wall for all the usual Tex-Mex menu finds including, burritos, quesadillas, soups, tacos, fajitas, and more authentic plates.

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Photo courtesy of Chapultepec Lupita

Chapultepec Lupita in Montrose

Eggchiladas | Photo courtesy of Chapultepec Lupita