Savor banh mi & noodle soup flavors at Cali Sandwich & Pho

Photo courtesy of Cali Sandwich & Pho

Enjoy a piping hot bowl of pho, savory banh mi and more at a fast casual eatery known for its traditional Vietnamese dishes at Cali Sandwich & Pho.

Located in the heart of Midtown on Travis Street, this no-frills Vietnamese cafe is known for its wallet-friendly bites, abundant seating, quick service, bustling atmosphere, and, of course, their mouth-watering comfort food.

Stop in and delight in delicious plates including, toasted and salted tofu, Cali spicy garlic shrimp, stir-fried beef and veggies with vermicelli, a variety of noodle soups, and fresh bread banh mi −with filling options like grilled bbq pork, shredded chicken, ham, fish balls, tofu, pâté and more.

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Photo courtesy of Cali Sandwich & Pho

Cali Sandwich & Pho in Midtown

Photo courtesy of Cali Sandwich & Pho
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