Step through the iconic blue door at the hidden Marfreless in River Oaks

Photo courtesy of Marfreless

Cozy up at a hidden and historical makeout bar featuring an unmarked blue-door entrance, eclectic decor, and soft classical music at Marfreless.

Located in the heart of River Oaks on Shepherd near W Gray Street, Marfreless’ combination of low lit atmosphere, dark corners, and non-invasive music has made it a favorite hideaway for singles and couples in search of a quiet, secluded spot for making out in public.

Opened in 1972, the bar originally opened on Feagan near Shepherd Drive with nothing more than its name written across the boarded up windows and shortly thereafter became affectionately referred to as the “makeout bar.”

By 1976 Marfreless found a new home at 2006 Peden where it resides to this day. And though the bar changed owners in 2014, only cosmetic alterations were implemented to modernize the famed watering hole without compromising its integrity or its founder’s original vision.

Regarded by many as a Houston institution for drinks, the secret makeout bar is certainly worth passing through its non-descript blue door for a cocktail −let alone its mythological status.

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Photo courtesy of Marfreless

Marfreless in River Oaks 

Photo courtesy of Marfreless
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