Raise your glass to a Second Ward staple at D&W Lounge

Photo courtesy of D&W Lounge

Throw back a few drinks at a legendary dive known for its warm atmosphere, affordable drinks, and great service at D&W Lounge.

Located near the cross streets of Milby and McKinney Street in the heart of Eastwood, this beloved neighborhood dive has been a part of the community since opening its doors as a convenience store in the ’40s.

Formerly known as D&D, the Eastwood fixture was purchased in 2009 and converted into the bar Houstonians know and love today.

Folks can stop inside the low-lit lounge to grab a beer or glass of wine while taking in the eclectic decorations which include, taxidermy, endless neon, candelabras, fish tanks, a jukebox and more.

And if you’re looking for a breezier vibe, be sure to hit the bar’s cozy outdoor, front patio, which is perfect for escaping the sounds of the jukebox and bustling interior to catch up with a friend.

D&W Lounge in Eastwood