Grab breakfast tacos, lunch & more at Laredo Taqueria on Washington Avenue

Photo courtesy of Laredo Taqueria

Delight in delectable breakfast and lunch tacos, homemade flour tortillas and more at Laredo Taqueria.

Located off Washington Avenue, This fast-food style mainstay has been serving breakfast tacos to droves of salivating Houstonians since officially opening their doors.

Founded in the ’80s by brothers Joe and Roy Soto, with the help of their mother’s original recipes, Laredo got their start back when the neighborhood was still known as the West End.

Today, though the recipes are the same, thanks to their fresh ingredients, homemade flour tortillas, and dishes developed to envoke memories of home-cooked meals, the restaurant’s popularity has expanded from the neighborhood to long, daily lines of Houstonians from across the city.

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Photo courtesy of Laredo Taqueria

Before You Visit

Though the lines can seem daunting to face, trust us Laredo Taqueria is well worth the wait. In fact, the restaurant’s long lines have become so associated with the experience, that you can almost guarantee they’re closed if you don’t see a queue spilling out the door.

If you aren’t feeling breakfast tacos there are plenty of other basic Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner plates, horchata, limonada’s, and soups to satisfy any appetite.

Are you nowhere near the original location on Washington Ave? Is the line just too long? The Soto family has expanded the Laredo brand by opening new locations. Try Store #2 at 6904 Irvington Boulevard near Independence Heights, Store #3 at 115 Cavalcade Street near Northside Village, or Store #4 at 311 Patton Street near Moody Park.

Laredo Taqueria on Washington Avenue

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