Get a good look at the colorful ode to eyewear at the Warby Parker mural in the Heights.

Located on W 7th Street between Heights and Yale Blvd, the mural resides on the side of the popular Warby Parker glasses showroom within the Heights Mercantile shopping center. 

Designed by artist Andy Rementer (@andyrementer) and painted by Creighton Tynes (@tynessigns), Rementer’s colorful work can be attributed to his attraction to handmade typography, vintage colors, and flea market finds.

The Keith Haring-esque mural features five vibrant cartoon figures all donning different hats, clothes, and of course, pairs of glasses.

Before You Visit

Budding photogs should note that though the parking is free the lots fill up extremely fast and parking in this area generally tends to be in-demand.

While you’re there, be sure to check out other area favorites and must-dos. There are plenty of other parks, bars, restaurants and more, just waiting to be discovered around the corner.

Warby Parker Mural in The Heights

  • Location: 645 Heights Blvd A, Houston, TX 77007
  • Best Time to Photograph: Arguably, the best time to photograph the mural is in the early morning around sunup.
  • Parking: Free street and lot parking is available in the surrounding area. Photogs and visitors alike should note that this is a very busy area. Though the parking is free the lots fill up extremely fast and parking generally tends to always be in demand.
Photo: 365 Houston
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