Grab lunch or breakfast tacos at an East End tradition at Villa Arcos

Photo courtesy of Villa Arcos

Enjoy hand-rolled flour tortillas, lunch or breakfast tacos, and made-to-order entrees at the Original Villa Arcos.

Located on the historic Navigation Boulevard, this family-owned breakfast taco staple has been serving the 2nd Ward and East End for more than four decades.

Opened in 1977 by Yolanda Black Navarro, today, Houstonians near and far are still flocking to this modest taqueria for some of the best breakfast and lunch tacos in the city.

If you’re curious about what to try at this all-day breakfast and lunch spot, try the bacon super taco (bacon with egg, potato, bean, and cheese) if you’re feeling breakfast, a carne guisada taco (beef tips) for lunch, or mix and match your meal with one of the filling breakfast or lunch plates.

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Photo courtesy of Villa Arcos

Villa Arcos in the East End

Photo courtesy of Villa Arcos