Paint your masterpiece with summer classes at Watercolor Art Society-Houston

Robin Avery | Courtesy of Watercolor Art Society-Houston

Create wondrous watercolor works with summer classes at Watercolor Art Society-Houston on various dates from Sunday, June 2 through Sunday, September 1, 2019. 

Whether you already have stacked canvases around your apartment or your masterpiece is a paint-by-numbers, Watercolor Art Society-Houston is offering classes for everyone this summer, from absolute beginner to experienced, with convenient weekday, evening, and weekend options for even the toughest of schedules.

Learn how to paint with beautiful and realistic floral techniques, channel your inner abstract artist, experiment with mixed media in a fast-paced classroom, learn the very first steps in watercolor painting, and more with one of the many summer classes available at Watercolor Art Society-Houston this summer.

Click here for more details and to register for classes.

Watercolor Art Society-Houston Summer Classes

Carla Gauthier | Courtesy of Watercolor Art Society-Houston

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