Take in stunning imagery & live music in Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth at Miller Outdoor Theatre

Photo courtesy of Miller Outdoor Theatre

Marvel at the wonders of the universe with a live ensemble at Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth at Miller Outdoor Theatre on Friday, May 10, 2019.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary since man walked on the moon, Miller Outdoor Theatre presents Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth, a multi-faceted immersive experience that invites audiences to explore the ways that cultures are interconnected with one another and the universe itself.

Along with live performances of music and dance from around the world, Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth weaves a cosmic tale that explores both human and natural expressions of the universe and the ways in which civilization and nature form relationships.

Photo: Jeff Myers | Courtesy of Miller Outdoor Theatre

Inspired by astronauts who convey the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space, Kenji Williams directed the award-winning Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth by incorporating music, dance, technology, and stunning NASA satellite imagery into a performance that has left audiences amazed and reflective about our place in the universe.

Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth runs two hours and ten minutes. Click here for more information.

Bella Gaia: A Beautiful Earth at Miller Outdoor Theatre

Photo courtesy of Miller Outdoor Theatre

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