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Root, root, root for the home team at the Houston Astros tribute mural in the Heights

Photo: 365 Houston

Celebrate the start of baseball season by striking a pose in front of the vintage ‘Stros-inspired Houston Astros mural in the Heights.

Located on the side of A Peaceful Pet in the Heights, this spirited orange-, red-, yellow-, white-, and blue-rainbowed mural is the perfect spot to stop for a photo in show of support for our hometown heroes.

The huge, classic emblem can be spotted easily in front of neighborhood bar Public House Heights off the bustling White Oak Drive, but visitors should note that though the street and lot parking is free, it can be hard to come by in this busy area.

And if you’re sticking around the area, check out other area favorites and must-dos. There are plenty of other parks, bars, restaurants and more, just waiting to be discovered around the corner.

Houston Astros Mural in the Heights

  • Location: 2726 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007
  • Hours: Open daily sunup to sundown. Arguably the best time to photograph the mural is in the early morning when the restaurant is closed.
  • Parking: Free street and lot parking is available in the surrounding area
Photo: 365 Houston

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