Get your caffeine fix with quality fare at Westheimer coffee staple Blacksmith

Photo courtesy of Blacksmith

Reward your taste buds with gourmet, barista-made drinks, home-baked goods, and hearty fare at Blacksmith.

Located in the heart of Montrose near the cross streets of Westheimer and Waugh Dr, this small in size, big in taste modern coffee staple not only touts a stellar coffee selection but also dishes decadent breakfast sandwiches, tacos, biscuits, and plenty of other comfort foods.

Stop in and delight in the area favorite’s signature Greenway Coffee along with shop stapes like the Vietnamese steak and eggs; the delectable sausage breakfast biscuit; the bacon, egg, and cheddar croissant; or one of many more big/small breakfast and lunch plates.

Open daily from 7am to 5pm, the coffee shop and creative hub lives up to its name by making as much as possible by hand and seeking out the best suppliers for the products they sell.

Click here for more information or to view the menu.

Vietnamese Steak & Eggs | Photo courtesy of Blacksmith


Photo courtesy of Blacksmith
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