Holiday Giving: Help Houston’s Cordúa family battle breast cancer

Chef David Cordúa, Lucia Cordúa & Chef Michael Cordúa | Photo courtesy of the Cordúa family

Give to a family that’s been serving, shaping, and feeding Houston for decades and consider supporting our publisher’s GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to support Lucia Cordúas’ fight against breast cancer. 

This holiday season, we’re proud to support 365 Houston‘s founder and publisher as he seeks to raise funds to help his dear friends in Houston’s Cordúa family.

Chef Michael Cordúa and his wife Lucia founded and opened Houston’s first Central American restaurant in 1988, winning national acclaim and a James Beard nomination for Michael in the process. Originally from Nicaragua, the family put down deep roots in Houston, raising their four Houston-born children right here.

Their son, Chef David Cordúa returned to Houston and joined the family business following his own culinary education abroad and work in notable restaurants in France and California.

This year, as they left the family business and launched David and Michael Cordúa Events, they learned that Lucia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer—specifically Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma.

In addition to her role as mother of 4 and grandmother to 5, Lucia is a licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Diplomate. She currently cares for and treats many patients around Houston and in College Station.

Houston & The Cordúa Family

The family has been an active supporter of St. Thomas University, The Houston Zoo, Houston Food Bank, Strake Jesuit, Casa de Esperanza, American Leadership Forum, Casa Juan Diego, Save our ER, Children at Risk-Houston, Community Foundation, Duschene Academy, and more.

The Cordúas have served on boards, helped to raise money, given their time, and prompted others to contribute as well.

Your Support

There are many noble and important causes, and many in need this time of year. If you’ve met the Cordúas or enjoyed their hospitality, we humbly ask that you consider supporting this campaign with even a small donation or word of support.

While Lucia is supported by health insurance, the affiliated medical bills and associated costs remain daunting and continue to add up. While she undergoes chemotherapy for six months, she’ll be unable to see and care for her own patients.

Every dollar raised, minus GoFundMe’s small transaction fee, will go directly to helping cover Lucia’s medical bills, lost income from recovery, and related expenses.

We thank you for taking the time, consideration, and energy to consider this request. We know it’s not our typical content, but we all felt it was important to help this family that has been so good to Houston, to our publisher, and to our team.

Click here to learn more about Lucia, the Cordúas, and the campaign.

Thank you sincerely and humbly for your consideration, time, and energy.

Chef David Cordúa, Lucia Cordúa & Chef Michael Cordúa | Photo: Phaedra Cook, courtesy of Houston Food Finder