See the beauty in the breeze at Discovery Green’s winter art installation GUST

Take a daytime or evening stroll down Discovery Green’s Brown Promenade to experience the park’s newest winter art installation, GUST: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery, through Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

Designed by Mexico City-based design collective Cocolab, on a commission by the Discovery Green Conservancy’s Public Art Committee, the installation is comprised of more than 1600 sturdy plastic pinwheels. Backed with rudders, the pinwheel heads pivot naturally with the breezes.

When the wind blows, the installation comes alive. The collective spin of the pinwheels can sounds like a rain storm, cicadas, or buzz of natural enthusiasm. A network of LED lights illuminates the installation at night, and light patterns change based on the direction and strength of the breeze.

GUST | Photo: 365 Houston

Be the Wind

Even better, visitors can get in on the act. There are four stations where, when you blow on a single pinwheel, that energy powers a bigger fan that you can turn to make the pinwheels spin, even during a lull.

Wind Station at GUST | Photo: 365 Houston


Inspired by simple celebrations of community, and by folk traditions of hand-made art, GUST aims to provide a joyful gathering place for people to come together, to feel and see the breeze, and to play.

Experiencing GUST

The installation will be on view daily during park hours, and lights will be activated nightly from dusk until midnight.

During daylight hours, the moving, brightly colored pinwheels create a striking, impressionistic blur from a distance and a flurry of activity. At night, as the lights come on, the promenade evokes the spirit of the winter light installations that have preceded it in year’s past.

Twilight is probably the best time to go, and to take photos, as the natural light wanes and the illuminated glow begins to emerge.

GUST on the Brown Promenade at twilight | Photo: 365 Houston

GUST: Celebrating a Decade of Discovery at Discovery Green

Be the Wind at GUST | Photo: 365 Houston

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