Stroll through the glowing globes of moonGARDEN at Discovery Green

Photo courtesy of Discovery Green

Gaze at the larger-than-life orbs that create the moonGARDEN at Discovery Green, open from Saturday, September 29 through Sunday, October 7, 2018. 

This month, a new exhibit unveiled at Discovery Green is inviting visitors to stroll through a special nighttime moonscape, dotted by a series of captivating globes.

Designed by Montreal art collective Lucion, moonGARDEN is a set of 22 illuminated spheres that range from six to 30 feet in diameter, transforming Discovery Green into a magical moonlit landscape.

These towering orbs are brought to life with innovative shadow theaters, dynamic lighting, interactive elements, and special events that allow visitors to become part of the experience.

moonGARDEN at Discovery Green

Photo courtesy of Discovery Green

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