Stay dry while finding a rainbow on the island at the colorful Umbrella mural in Galveston.

Located in Downtown Galveston on 22nd Street, between Post Office and Post Office Rear streets, this glass-half-full, rainy day mural can be found on the side of an old McCrory’s five and dime store. 

Created by visual artist Adam Garrison (hailing by @ogfz_ on Instagram), the colorful work colorful depicts blue raindrops falling on a black umbrella, which is surrounded by rainbow-painted tiles.

The mural is in good company, as this particular area is known for featuring many talented graffiti artists. You’re stumble into find a slew of others while looking for Garrison’s mural.

While you’re there, be sure to check out other Galveston area favorites and must-dos. There are plenty of other parks, bars, restaurants and more, just waiting to be discovered around the corner.

Photo: 365 Houston

Adam Garrison’s Umbrella Mural in Galveston

  • Location: On the eastern side of 22nd Street in Downtown Galveston, between Postoffice and Postoffice Rear streets
  • Best Time to Photograph: The mural is shaded by the street most times of day. Given that it’s under an awning, it’s pretty photogenic throughout the day. It seems ideally suited for striking a poison on a rainy day.
  • Parking: Metered street and paid lot parking is available in the surrounding area.
Photo: 365 Houston