Enjoy rain or shine skateboarding daily at Southside Skatepark

Photo courtesy of Southside Skatepark

Skate day-in and day-out at Houston’s oldest and longest running independently owned and operated skatepark and skate shop at Southside Skatepark.

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Houston, the historic skatepark has become synonymous with the skateboarding subculture and a city staple through its consistent operation over the last two decades.

Opened in the Spring of 1994, the indoor skatepark and skateshop strives to offer the community the most limited skateboard products for skateboarders of every skill level.

With plenty of park course for riders to navigate, this skateboarding playground features areas for skaters of all skill levels, perfect for the seasoned pro to the beginner taking their first push on the board.

The park regularly plays host to skate competitions, day camps for beginners, demos from lauded professionals, and has raised nearly a million dollars through charity events. Click here for a list of upcoming events.

Photo courtesy of Southside Skatepark

Skatepark FAQS

The skatepark is monitored, but parents should not assume that their kids will be supervised. The park staff can assist with questions and provide help as needed and can be found in the park skate shop near the entrance of the building.

It’s also worth noting that the opening hours are usually less crowded and allow for beginners to better focus on practicing their skating skills. There is a even a spectator area within the park for parents and friends to watch from.

Most importantly, have fun, know your limits, and be safe out there. Click here to view the participant agreement, release, and assumption of risk.

Photo courtesy of Southside Skatepark

Southside Skatepark

Photo courtesy of Southside Skatepark
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